2Heads launch 2023 Charity Charter

BLOG | 14 February 2023

2Heads focuses on local communities with their 2023 charity charter and annual event schedule.

At 2Heads, we recognise just how fortunate we are, and how all too easy it is to take the lives we lead for granted. We all face challenges in our day to day life; from here in the office to back at home. However, we also realise that there are those facing far more challenging lives and it is our hope with the launch of the 2Heads charity charter, that we can do a little to make a change.

As the business grows and evolves, 2Heads wish to play their part in making a real difference to other people’s lives. We could simply donate money, but we believe we should approach our commitment to charity as a team.

Through the good of our team’s hard work and as custodians of our futures, we hope that together 2Heads will rise to the challenge of making a difference and supporting those less fortunate around us.

It is with great pleasure therefore that 2Heads announce and welcome the three charities that we’ve chosen to support for our inaugural year under a charity charter. Voted for by our team, these charities fit exceptionally well with our values and focus on areas that support our vision of protecting the planet and supporting the next generation. 

For our first year, we have selected an initial target of £7,500 to raise for a selection of local, national and international charities and 2Heads will commit to match every penny raised.

We are looking to raise money through a schedule of varying internal and external fundraising challenge events and will keep everyone posted on opportunities for our clients and suppliers to get involved.

This Valentines days, 2Heads kicked off our charter by sharing the love in support of our charities. Members of our team bought a heart for the 2Heads tree and wrote messages of love and support for others in the team, creating a showcase of mutual respect and affection.

If you would be interested in joining us at any of our events, getting involved in any aspect, or would like to find out  more about our charity programme, please email our Charity Committee at charity@2heads.com.