Made By Humans | What is the power of Experiential Marketing

BLOG | 2 May 2023

Andrew Ager | Strategy Director | 2Heads Global

There has been a lot of chatter coming out from industry gatherings over the last few weeks – yes SXSW I am talking about you – about the rise of AI and its role in marketing. If we are to believe everything that was said, then in a few years we will all be augmented by technology incapable of individual thought and acquiescing to algorithms in our efforts to engage with audiences and influence consumer behaviours.

Future gazing is all well and good, but I think as an industry we are all trying too hard in the pursuit of the next big thing.

The power of experiential marketing in my mind is its ability to connect with people on an emotional level.

There is no other channel that can match it for pure engagement.

If an individual chooses to spend time engaging with a brand experience, be it pop-up retail, fully immersive showcase, brand pavilion, event, or everything in between, then we are already half-way to nirvana. Yes, their experience needs to be compelling, it needs to have utility, be arresting and thought provoking, it should inspire and entertain, it should elevate the brand and create advocacy, but it also needs to speak to them as humans.

And that isn’t going to happen if the experience is designed by computer.

It has to be imbued with emotion, it needs to spark something in the mind and tug at the old heart strings.

So that’s why I am starting a campaign, a rallying cry to our industry if you will, Made By Humans.

Think of it as a kite mark for our species.

Illuminating insights from a real person about real people.

Top notch creative from artists, magicians, writers, designers, entertainers not generated by ChatGP.

Craftsmanship, production and high-end delivery from the makers, shifters and doers who bring the vison of the creative to life.

Let’s remember, we are in the business of crafting human connections, and for that to be successful, then we need to ensure we don’t lose the humanity in our experience, by all means integrate technology, champion innovation, and create the sticky content that helps tell the story, but let’s make sure it’s the folks that get up every morning and do-the-do that are creating the show, not the machines!