Win Big @ ICE London – how to make it Meaningful

BLOG | 20 October 2022

ICE London brings the world’s foremost gaming businesses together each year in February at London’s ExCel. With over 30,000 attendees from over 150 countries, it is an opportunity to engage and make an impression that cannot be missed.

ICE London is a buzz of interaction, large spaces, giant venue, big audience and huge opportunities up for grabs. ICE really does live by the ‘go big or go home’ mantra. The event footprint is vast and to make the most of the opportunity brands need to own the immediate environment around their designated location by being disruptive and creating a destination.

Sure, you can enhance your exposure by bolting on the touchpoints – lanyard branding, concourse advertising, activation zones and event sponsorship. However, this should be curated in unison with your experience to create true value. A joined-up campaign is a powerful and memorable experience. It’s about the connections, aligning the reels and delivering that multi-line big win.

You are an established gaming business. You are doing great, but you strive for more. You want to raise your game and have the appetite to progress. You want to understand how you can make that jump and make it feel like an easy step forward.

Seldom do gaming brands make the most of the opportunity. It’s quick and easy to get functional – it works fine. Brands can have a workable space, but have they moved their brand perception and advocacy forwards. At 2Heads, we are experts at making those connections happen and collaborate with our clients to create winning strategies.

You want to elevate your brand and rise above your competitors. You crave an experience that is more than a booth space. You seek an environment that encourages the audience to engage with your team and your brand.

With over 12 years’ experience delivering excellence at ICE, 2Heads has seen the market flourish. Our clients have advanced their brands and their position in the market with our collaboration. Together, we have created work that extends beyond a 3-day moment in time.

Consider what your audience want and need to know. A 3D manifestation of your Brand guidelines and Website is not necessarily interesting and meaningful to your audience. Nor is token indulgence in something techy that doesn’t serve real purpose.

ICE is first and foremost a business event, but it can still have a sense of fun – serious fun. There are good ways to garner attention and ways to create unwanted negative notoriety. This is an industry that is always under scrutiny. It is important to be responsible and mindful of the perceptions created – your brand must stand out for the right reasons.

Cut through the noise, improve your odds of success and invest your time and energy in collaborating with 2Heads to understand and implement what can really make a difference. To create a destination at ICE requires a true sense of purpose. You must have a point of difference, a perspective or an offering that brings true meaning to your brand experience. When it is true, it is brilliant, and people engage better.

At ICE you can take your audience on the journey they crave. Offer them the things they need and value the most. Play to your businesses strengths and seek to advance your brand – don’t just show up!